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The Mesos Flocker project adds cloud storage to Mesos. Start your stateful applications with the confidence of using a redundant data store.

We transparently handle the communication with the cloud provider using Flocker. Mesos Flocker will ensure that your data is always available to your container, even on failover.


Choose your provider

Under the hood, ClusterHQ’s Flocker provides abstractions for many cloud and hardware data providers.

Treat your data like an application

Magically move and migrate your containers between hosts; all handled without user interaction.

Stateful failover

Upon failure, your application will restart with your data attached. Even if it is restarted on another physical machine.

Upgrade and maintenance

Need some downtime? No problem, just migrate your application to a new host and the data will follow.

Open Source

All of our projects are community driven. Rest assured that this project will always be available, forever.

Get started

VERSION 1.0 Coming soon.